Quality Assurance Policy

Float New Media Design Ltd (referred to as Float hereinafter) specialise in the design and development of websites and web-based software applications.

The management of the company is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout the company activities, ensuring that the professional service quality satisfies the specific requirements of all clients. It is the policy of the company to market only professional services of a quality that will merit and earn client satisfaction by performing all functions reliably and effectively.


  • Float aims to ensure that the needs of our clients are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of our work
  • We ensure we only accept work within our areas of expertise and within our capacity to deliver within the project specification
  • All work is conducted to a high professional standard with sensitivity, technical and commercial integrity
  • We communicate clearly and effectively with everyone
  • The company is committed to effective quality management at every level within the business


  • A nominated project manager is responsible for the work of the project, including that of any sub-contractors
  • Staff and sub-contractors are selected on the basis of how their skills meet the requirements of the project
  • Staff and Directors receive appropriate training which is reviewed periodically during the firms appraisal process
  • Staff are given appropriate authority and resources within the scope of their responsibilities which are set out in their job description
  • Periodic audits and reviews of staff and project work are undertaken to ensure that standards are maintained and opportunities for improvements sought

Project management

  • The project plan or specification which has been agreed with the client is clear, achievable and rigorously followed
  • Any changes to the project plan are agreed by Float and the client
  • The progress of a project is subject to review by meetings (these may be ‘virtual’) 
  • A project debrief is undertaken at the end of the project and a project completion statement is issued and signed by Float and the client.

Data control

  • All appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and archived
  • Electronic data is maintained and backed up on networked servers. Every week a full copy is cycled to a separate physical location.

Dated: June 2017.

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