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Putting people before technology

It's very easy to look at the web design industry and focus on how everything is always changing, moving forward, progressing. 

We are extremely fortunate to work in such an industry, yet at times it is easy to get wrapped up in the minutia of a new coding technique or the fear of becoming outdated.

But what interests me in our whole approach at Float, are the things that remain the same.

We have recently redesigned the Float website and have had many conversations over the last few months about how best to position ourselves in an ever more competitive space. Ten years ago focusing on accessibility set us apart from our competition, however in 2013 every capable web company understands the importance of making websites accessible to all. We all carry a similar technical skill set and all have an understanding of modern web technologies.

So what is it that makes us different?

Why do clients come to Float? In the end it's not really about the technical stuff, the fancy new animation technique or the latest industry buzzword. It all comes down to people and building relationships.

People buy from people and at Float we think we're very good at building relationships.

We work alongside our clients. We listen, we help educate on best practice, we add value and we strive to build long term, successful relationships.

Great customer service is key to being a successful business and it's this aspect that hasn't changed since we started out in 2003.

There is of course nothing new or ground breaking in this approach. When I speak with other people who run their own business away from the web industry such as Gary at Hacketts who cuts my hair, or Max at Colonna and Smalls who makes my coffee, they say the same. 

You have to understand your product, your service, provide great customer service and help educate your customers and clients so they understand the value you bring.

And in the ten years since we started out, this is still the same for us. 

Reading a blog post yesterday from Dan Cederholm really brought this home. Dan is a leading designer and speaker in the web community and his post simply reminded us of the value a website can bring - which had nothing at all to do with technology. It was simply a website giving people way they want.

We will keep learning and growing and refining our technical skill set, however our approach will always remain focused on putting people before technology.

Published 15th January 2016