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Pathways: Labour Market Information in your college website

The need for an affordable and integrated LMI tool

We have spent time over the past year reviewing careers tools and developing ideas around different ways to show progression routes for students. 

We are very aware of the need to make career opportunities and labour market information as accessible as possible; to help inform students and their parents about their future choices.

Institutions are encouraged to have key data accessible to give young people a clear picture of what a job involves and the salary, qualifications and experience they need to enter and progress in their chosen careers. However from our own research, we felt the ways to achieve this were either too complex for a college, overly time consuming or too expensive.

Every pupil, and their parents, should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities

The Gatsby Good Career Benchmarks

We were convinced the sector was missing an affordable LMI tool. One that is in context to the specific course information a user was looking at - mapped directly with real data. A tool where it would all be automated and didn’t need a marketing team to have to do their own mapping. 

Integrated, engaging and actually of interest to young people!

Through the work we do at Float we understand how a younger audience responds to website content and their often lack of confidence when trying to review information-based content. 

It is essential that key information is presented simply and with clarity. And should provide real insights - not just stats and numbers, but be something that young people can relate to.

Valuable insights, integrated directly in your college website

Your college website is the centre of your marketing activities and is the ideal place to present clear progression options to your prospective students and their parents. 

You should be able to say to prospective students:
"Come to our college and study on this course. Which could lead to further study at university in this subject area and onwards to this career. Where you can earn this amount of money with these employment prospects."

Colleges should make sure that, during their study, all learners have accessed and used information about career paths and the labour market to inform their decisions on study options.

Careers Guidance for FE and Sixth Form Colleges, DofE, Feb 2018

Saving time and money

We know you understand the value of making LMI data accessible to your students and prospective students. However the act of gathering the information from the range of sources and mapping directly to your courses is a huge task. Daunting, time consuming, overwhelming!

And your time is better spent doing what you’re paid to do.

Introducing Pathways

Pathways shows progression options from the courses you provide to the careers students can do. It links A Levels and BTECs to HE courses and careers, showing LMI data, study options and videos of real people talking about their jobs.

It is easily embedded into each of your college website course pages and automatically displays key LMI and progression information directly related to the Level 3 course being viewed.

Try it out below...

  • Pathways displays key LMI data on a regional and national level
  • It outlines progression routes from A Levels and BTECs to Foundation Degrees, HNCs, HNDs and Degrees
  • It is based on real data from HESA, LMI for All, Unistats and the National Careers Service
  • Has over 800 careers videos from iCould of real people talking about their job
  • With live job vacancies per occupation

Visit the Pathways website

Informed choices

Benchmark Two of the Gatbsy Career Guidance highlights that pupils and their parents should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market information. Using Pathways in your college website addresses this exact need.

If students and their parents know what people in different occupations get paid, and where and how numerous the vacancies are, they are in a better position to make informed choices about future study and training

Gatsby Good Career Guidance handbook

Use Pathways in your college website

Please get in touch and we will happily give you a demo of Pathways. Or visit for more information.

We want you to see the value it can bring to your college website.

Published 9th May 2018