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T-levels and Labour Market Information

With the upcoming reforms to post-16 education, we thought it would be interesting to map LMI data to the new T-level programmes.

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In October 2017 the Department for Education published its Post-16 skills plan and independent report on technical education. This was in response to a report into technical education by an independent panel, chaired by Lord Sainsbury, which recommended simplifying the current system so technical education is provided through 15 high-quality routes, with standards being set by employers.

'T levels' are new technical study programmes that will sit alongside Apprenticeships within a reformed skills training system. The reforms are at the heart of a skills partnership between government, business and education and training providers - a partnership that will create the skills revolution needed to meet the needs of our economy.

DfE T level action plan

The new T level routes will be options after GCSEs and along with A levels, present students with either a Technical or Academic route.

Three of the new T level routes are expected to be launched in September 2020. These are ‘Digital’, ‘Construction’, and ‘Education and Childcare’. With the remaining routes phased in over two waves in September 2021 and September 2022.

Labour Market Information

LMI data is crucial in helping institutions and students understand the value of training in certain subject areas. A variety of data is available that shows key information for all job types, including salary, hours worked, employment figures and future predictions.

LMI data can be mapped to courses to show potential career prospects when studying on that course - both at a regional and national level.

What we’ve done

As part of our ongoing work with FE Colleges and new developments on Careerpilot, we've been spending more time looking at Labour Market Information and how we can best present that data to students; to help with their choices for future education and careers.

With the upcoming reforms to post-16 education, we thought it would be interesting to map LMI data to the new T-level programmes.

Our T level app presents reports for the fifteen new technical routes. Each report displays an overview for salary and employment numbers, then breaks down further into the possible jobs within this route. For each job it highlights salary, predicted employment figures, required qualification level and key skills.

Whilst only a prototype, it presents an interesting insight into career options for these new technical routes.

View our T level app

If you'd like more information about this, or other ways to map LMI data to T-levels, please contact us.

Published 22nd November 2017