Stock Market Challenge.

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10 Lane Learning publishes Stock Market Challenge, an online simulation game that transforms trading on the financial markets into a dynamic and accessible learning experience. They required a new website to showcase the educational value of the product and increase online sales.


Stock Market Challenge's key market is secondary school and college teachers, who use the resource to support the teaching of Maths, Business Studies and for the development of Key Skills and Enterprise Education.

The Objectives

The existing Stock Market Challenge website was inadequate as a sales and marketing tool. It was visually uninspiring and copy-heavy. It provided information for teachers but conveyed no sense of the dynamism and interactivity of the resource, the range of its applications or the community of users.

Martin Barnes, co-Director of 10 Lane Leaning
  1. To provide a sales, marketing and customer support tool
  2. To give an impression of the resource's 'community of users'
  3. To demonstrate its curriculum application in several subject areas and education stages
  4. To convey an impression of the dynamism and interactivity of this multi-dimensional learning experience.

The design solution.


To capture the essence of the game's experience, and its visual dynamism, the new site would show potential clients how Stock Market Challenge works in real life situations.

Real voices

Customers who have found the resource a rewarding and effective tool can be seen and heard on the site. Float understand that getting your satisfied clients to tell your story for you is an effective way of selling.

Martin Barnes

Case studies, and testimonials from teachers and students, were an important aspect. Comments from 'the front line' would help sell the game. Hearing a teacher say that 'this resource really works well in the classroom, it gets students focused and on-task' carries much more weight than a publisher's sales pitch.


Demonstrating the interactivity of the game was the most challenging aspect of the brief. We devised several solutions, using live customer and game data and integrating it into the design of the site. These new features included the live Leaderboard and Recently Played features on the home page.

Interactive elements

The live Leaderboard captures the spirit of the game. It not only shows potential clients who's playing the game but also reassures existing and potential customers that there is an established community of users. This impression is supported by the new Our Customers map on the site.

Martin Barnes

These features also allow students to see how their school is doing against other schools. Teachers have commented that the chance to post a leading score has inspired their students' performance.


Demonstrating Stock Market Challenge's curriculum relevance was an essential part of the brief.

Float responded by creating areas for each potential client sector: Secondary, Further, Higher and Business. These are now clearly differentiated with each area of the site containing subject- and sector-specific information about the resource's application.

Martin Barnes

Content Management

The website was developed on a custom build of our Content Management System Artisan, meaning the site can be easily updated and amended, and can grow organically as the product develops.

Martin Barnes, Co-Director 10 Lane Learning was talking to Float in August 2010.